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Sunday, December 1, 2013


12 Ravenscliffe Avenue, Hamilton Ontario, circa 1908
This gorgeous home has been on an off the market since 2008. I'm sure there are many who would dream of living here but not too many who have the $2.3MM means to do so. In fact, the $1.5MM they were asking for it in 2012 seems like a bargain in comparison!
$2.3MM or $1.5MM - this house is worth every penny if you can afford it. 12 Ravenscliffe is an anchor on Hamilton's most prestigious street (think Rosedale neighbourhood in Toronto).
Anyway, check out the pictures below and get lost in the beauty and story behind this amazing home. It may have been built over 100 years ago, but there's no denying its one FRESH piece of BRICK!
Homes on Ravenscliffe Avenue, Hamilton, Ontario
The original features remain - the mahogany trim, the oak doors, the marble fireplaces, the white tile in the bathroom. And the basement vault that is now a wine cellar, complete with some stock from Phin’s day - even an ancient Guinness.

Three-car garages are rare even today, but W.E. Phin had one a hundred years ago, complete with basement, mechanic’s pit and hand-cranked gasoline pump. It’s still there.
The house at 12 Ravenscliffe has a pool, of course. But this mansion also features what has to be the oldest gas pump in town.
And in the house, lower level, the magnificent full-size 1922 Burroughes & Watts billiards table is still ready for play. VIEW LISTING HERE

Lots of Windex needed here, because the 1908 home has 84 windows
This eight-bedroom house was built in 1908 for one W.E. Phin, whose activities included dredging the Welland Canal. He lived in the Hamilton mansion until his dying days. The current owner bought the home from spinster descendant Skye Phin in 1981 for $250,000.

The original home, still standing, was once the only property on Ravenscliffe. Built in 1881(by Hamilton architect James Balfour), "Ravenscliffe, was, and remains, one of the City’s most notable mansions. Originally set in grounds covering 9 acres, between Hess and Caroline streets, near the base of the escarpment, Ravenscliffe was approached by a long, circular driveway. After the World War one era, the grounds of the palatial mansion were gradually divided and sold for the building of other beautiful homes. The long driveway is now Ravenscliffe Avenue..
Postcard from 1922 with 12 Ravenscliffe featured in the background


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